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ALZHEIMER'S: Will I Be Next?
A son witnesses his mother's one-way journey into darkness
Author: Jack Turley • Genre: A True Story
Available in eBook and paperback formats
Trade Paperback: Standard Print, 244 pgs. $13.99
Trade Paperback: Large Print, 402 pgs. $18.99
eBook: Apple, KOBO, Nook, etc., $3.99
eBook: Kindle, $3.99

The day was cold and we were walking fast. "Jesse, I need to talk to you about Mom."

Jesse took another step, then suddenly stopped and spun around to face me. I was at least six inches taller, but amazingly, in that instant, it seemed as if we were standing there eye to eye. His gaze was hard and uncompromising. "She doesn't have Old Timers!"

Old Timers? Was he serious? Yes, a second look at that gritted, desperate expression told me my stepfather was dead serious. Jesse had tricked his mind into attaching this folksy, homespun name to the disease so it wouldn't sound quite so sinister.

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