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Thriller Series: Three complete Jack Frost novels
eBook: Kindle edition, $3.99 • eBook: ePub edition, $3.99

#1, The Vegas Factor : Adventurer Jack Frost is blessed with a warrior's mentality and toughness, and cursed with a conscience and fierce loyalty to friends. J.T. Ripper, Frost's Scotch-drinking Doberman sidekick, pretty much hates everyone and everything—but he is a warrior, too. The two find themselves fighting for survival in Las Vegas when Frost's best friend, a "semi-retired" Syndicate boss, asks for help.

#2, A Proper Time to Die : Jack Frost is not one to turn the other cheek. He and his anti-social Doberman, J.T. Ripper, head for Las Vegas to settle accounts with Harry Varchetta, CEO of one of the Las Vegas Strip's most famous resorts. But waiting for them in Sin City is James Red Sleeves, a full-blooded Apache Syndicate enforcer.

#3, Nightmare in Neon : Syndicate boss Carlos Giovanni, marks Jack Frost for termination. But this will not be a typical "Full Call" assassination, where the first Syndicate hitman who finds and kills Frost can claim the money and the bragging rights. Instead, Giovanni unleashes just one legendary—nearly mythical—assassin to kill Jack Frost.

"Duck, Mr. Reacher, there's another Jack in town! Where Lee Child's hero wanders through most of his series adventures along the Eastern Seaboard, the Midwest and South, Ray Hoy's Jack Frost has Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada with their casinos, luxury hotels, seedy motels, bars and brothels staked out as the territory to help Frost's friends in trouble. Tough man Jack Reacher finds women, rescues them with great regularity, leaving them smiling..for the most part. Tough man Jack Frost has many of the same attributes and spirited interests in the opposite sex, but the series starts when he, in his mid-thirties, finds he's fallen in love (for the first time) with a dead friend's torch bearer . . . bringing disastrous results."
      — Gordon R. Ross, Author of Dead Eyes, Dead Silence, Dead Certain, Death Tag (soon), and Tales from Tidy Vale

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