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Genre: Literary Mystery • Author: Jerry McGinley
eBook (Amazon download): Kindle, $2.99

Five years after his controversial resolution to the Michael Chadwick case in Miles To Go Before I Sleep, now retired detective Pat Donegal is back on the trail of a rogue's gallery of kidnappers, murderers, and every assortment of thugs and criminals. Teaming with police department detective Shea Sommers and sheriff's department deputy Hennie Duggan, Donegal battles his way through five fast-paced, hard-edged, closely related crime stories. No subject is off limits for author Jerry McGinley, whose terse style has been compared to Ernest Hemingway and Elmore Leonard.

"Being retired and no longer officially connected to any law enforcement agency allows Pat Donegal to play fast and loose with standard police procedures such as interrogation tactics and jurisdictional lines. He helps bring a successful end to several complicated cases but often leaves Madison Police Detective Shea Sommers to write creative follow-up reports for her supervisors regarding her consultant's questionable exploits."
  —Roy Dorman, author and submissions editor of Lake City Lights Magazine

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