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Genre: Literary Mystery
Author: Jerry McGinley
eBook (Amazon download): Kindle, $2.99

Pat Donegal, Shea Sommers, and Hennie Duggan are back for five more haunting, often disturbing stories. Donegal's attempts to escape the chaos of his life and find harmony in his spiritual retreats to the idyllic hills and forests of his close friend, the Wiccan priestess Raven Quinn, provide only temporary refuge from his relentless quest to stomp out vicious crime in rural Wisconsin. Donegal stoically endures brutal beatings, shootouts, and unremitting attacks.

"I really enjoyed the sequels to Miles To Go Before I Sleep that I found in the stories in Lake Redemption and This Ominous Bird. I hope the author has considered writing for TV, what a great series these stories would make! Hemingway agrees. He's looking over my shoulder, and he says he admires all the food and drink details, the fishing stories, the code hero-type qualities of Pat Donegal. Pat is his own man, unencumbered by traditional job or spouse or even legalities, suffering with good humor, and courageous without taking credit. Pat is strong through emotional containment.
    —Cheryl Spencer, former Advanced Placement English teacher

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