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Bell Ringer (Adult Literacy Series)
Level 3 - #1

Genre: Western Anthology
1-58124-792-3 • 978-1-58124-792-3
Editorial Director: Sally J. Walker
Managing Editor: Jean A. Lukesh
Cover art and Bell Ringer logo by: Judith Huey
Trade Paperback, 171 pgs. $24.95

This Level 3 Western anthology presents characters experiencing life west of the Mississippi between 1800 and 1950. The reader will discover the risks and the joys of frontier challenges lived in a rugged environment
Jean Lukesh has been a writer for as long as she can remember. She has always loved horses, cowboys, and the Old West. She holds a B.A., two M.A.'s, and endorsements in education, English, language arts, history, social sciences, educational media, and other areas. She is also a doctoral student in curriculum and instruction. A teacher, school librarian (for more than 27 years), author, editor, publisher, and historian, she often gives workshops and presentations at state and regional conferences on the subjects of reading (books for reluctant readers and reading motivation), writing, curriculum integration, educational media, and western history.