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Genre: Western Inspirational
Author: Terry W. Burns • Cover: Michael Cox
Trade Paperback: Standard Print, 302 pgs., $14.99
eBook: Apple, Nook, Sony, Kobo, etc., $4.95
eBook: Kindle, $2.99

What would life be like if everyone you met thought they recognized you? Slaps on the back, free meals and drinks, included in every circle, but would it always be a good thing? Larry Smith had this gift—or curse—it had always been there. Over the years he learned to use it and refined it to a fine art. Then he discovered, sometimes it could backfire.
About the Author: Terry W. Burns is a fifth generation Irish storyteller, and a fourth generation Texas teller of tall tales. His inspirational fiction, To Keep a Promise, was an Eppie Award finalist. He has a small book of poetry and short stories entitled "Cowboys Don't Read Poetry," and has short stories in four short story collections: "Range Riters," from the Panhandle Professional Writers, "From the Heart—Stories of Love and Friendship" from Coastal Villages Press, and two collections presented by the Darkstormy Writers. He is a member of the Western Writers of America, and has over 200 articles and short stories to his credit.