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Genre: Mainstream
Author: Dr. Sandra White
Trade Paperback: Standard Print, 232 pgs. $13.99
Trade Paperback: Large Print, 428 pgs. $17.99
eBook (Amazon download): Kindle, $2.99

Catherine Rowan Montgomery has had a good life as an acclaimed artist, a much-loved wife, mother, and grandmother. But after her husband dies and her own ability to care for herself is lessened by illness, she begins to live a nightmare as a victim of elder abuse. Afraid of one thing above all else—the loss of her dignity—she tells no one of her plight, of the mistreatment she endures at the hand of her cruel daughter-in-law. She struggles alone, often with only an old photo album to comfort her.

"The Album, carefully written by Sandra White, is a book which all those concerned with social issues of the elderly should read. It makes very clear the abuse that elders can endure without speaking out in order not to lose their dignity. Congratulations to Sandra for the good work she has done in bringing this novel to life."
    —Ingrid Trobisch Youngdale, On My Way Home

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